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Solid Waste Department
8601 North Jasman Road
Edinburg, TX. 78541
Phone: 956 - 381 - 5635
Fax: 956 - 292 - 2064

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S.W.M. Recycling & Educational Center

The City of Edinburg Recycling & Educational Center is situated at 3102 S. Hwy 281. It is a modern concept developed to promote public awareness and participation in all areas of environmental protection.

The Center offers drive thru drop off convenience for recyclable materials such as cardboard, newspaper, magazines, bond paper, computer paper, aluminum cans, steel cans, plastics #1 & #2 and automotive waste. This facility also offers examples of products made of recyclable materials such as those accepted at our center. It also offers a backyard composting demonstration area and wood chips/mulch are available free to the public.

The Recycling & Educational Center also offers programs, events & tours. Our goal is to offer environmental education on the benefits of recycling to everyone. Please call the Recycling & Educational Center for more information.

Hourst of Operations
Monday – Friday
8:00AM – 6:30PM
Saturday & Sunday
8:00AM – 5:00PM
Closed Holidays

Materials Accepted:

Corrugated cardboard boxes, press-board (i.e. cereal, cake mix, food packaging, paper and bathroom tissue cores, poster board, folders.) No waxed cardboard, must be free of any plastic, foam or non-cardboard material.

Black and white newsprint including all inserts found in a newspaper.

Magazines free of plastic wrap, paper back books, catalogs, phone books, *Hard cover books must have cover removed.

Computer Paper
Green, gray and blue bar only.

White Bond/Ledger
Office and school paper with black ink, typical junk mail including: envelopes (window film must be removed.)

Colored Bond/Ledger
Same as white bond/ledger paper but colored.

Aluminum Cans
Beverage cans, empty of liquid and/or foreign matter, other food cans made totally of aluminum.

Tin/Steel Cans-
Clean empty cans. Removal of labels or flattening not necessary. Please note on frozen juice containers, only the end lids are metal and must be removed from carton cylinder.

Plastic -
PETE, Pet #1, Soft drink bottles, and other food containers clear or colored. Empty and rinse out if needed. KPDP #2 Milk and water jugs, detergent, shampoo, etc. Please no content residue, rinse as needed.

Automotive Waste
Used motor oil, free of water and foreign debris. Lead acid batteries.

Household Hazardous Waste:
Texas Law, effective April 1, 1994, does not allow for the collection and disposal of tires, lead acid batteries, used motor oil, oil filters, antifreeze or coolants. Some of these items can be recycled. For more information on these items, please call the Edinburg Recycling & Educational Center at 956-292-2133

The best way to manage oil-based paint is to "Use It up" or "Pass It On". Small amounts of paint can be mixed together with other colors or bulked together and used as a primer coat or on jobs where the final finish is not critical. Avoid creating waste at the start. Also adding mulch or letting the paint dry can be another way of safe disposal.

It is advised for safe disposal of syringes to place them in a coffee can with the lid taped shut.

Wood Chips/Mulch
Wood chips/mulch is available at the Edinburg Recycling Center free of charge, just bring your pick up and/or containers to transport the material. Come by and visit our backyard compost demonstration area and get information on how to create your own compost by utilizing your clippings and leaves.

Programs & Events

  • Programs:
  • Educational Program - Students shall go back in time and learn what Recycling is. Glass, Aluminum Paper, Plastic and Batteries have existed for many centuries. A presentation is offered in this program followed by an activity. Time-One class period.
  • Dare to Reuse Programs - The objective of this program is to help students identify recyclable materials and their reuse instead of disposing them. Students will work on a project by gathering recyclable material and turning it into something useful. Projects will be displayed in the school library. Time-One class period & completion by student on his/her own time.
  • Train Your Way to Recycle Program - In this program students participate during their gym class by completing a recycling obstacle course. Students will learn to identify paper, cardboard, newspaper, books, magazines, tin cans, aluminum cans, and plastics. Time-One Class Period.
  • Kids Against Drugs - During Red Ribbon week this powerful presentation in which the story of Enrique “Kika” De La Garza is narrated to students. Prevention techniques, tips and strategies are discussed in this presentation, with the help of “Roxie Recyclesaurus Rex”, students will learn to "SAY NO TO DRUGS." Time-Once Class Period.
  • Events:
  • Arbor Day Celebration - During Arbor month a school is chosen to participate in this program; at a specified day the school will receive a tree donation from the Edinburg Recycling Center. This tree will be planted on the day of the celebration and will be followed by a program for the entire school to enjoy. This event is celebrated in the month of February .
  • Trash Bash Event - This is a community clean up event which provides the opportunity to increase public awareness on the reduction of litter and to help promote a Clean and Beautiful City. Groups and organizations are encouraged to participate in this event. Please call the Edinburg Recycling & Educational Center at 292-2133 in the month of March to sign-up for this event.
  • Texas Recycles Day Celebration - For Texas Recycles Day a school and a particular grade level is chosen to participate in an essay contest. The school is then invited to attend Texas Recycles Day at the Recycling Center. Students experience a morning program followed by a tour and participate in craft creation stations. This event is celebrated in the month of November.
  • Cans for Cash Contest - This is a contest in which several schools participate by collecting cans in their school for two weeks. The school which collects the most pounds of aluminum cans wins! The cans are collected then cashed the school then keeps the proceeds for their use. The winner will be recognized by City of Edinburg City Council and The City of Edinburg Recycling Center; prizes will be determined prior to the start of the contest.

Roxie Recyclesaurus Rex
With the help of mascot Roxie Recyclesaurus Rex, we educate students on how recycling benefits our environment. Reduce, Reuse, & Recycle is our main goal. Roxie goes with us to all our presentations and events. For more information on Roxie, please call the Recycling & Educational Center at 292-2133.

Let's all do our part to Keep Edinburg Clean & Green!

Travis Elementary School - winners of the 1st "Cans for Cash Contest".