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Arturo Martinez
Director of Utilities
956 - 388 8204

Antonio Leal
Waste Water Treatment Plant Superintendent
Fax: 956 - 388 - 8220

Utilities - Water Treatment Plant

The Water Treatment Plant Division consists of 19 employees: (1) Water Plant Superintendent (1) Assistant Water Plant Superintendent, (1) Secretary 1, (1) Chief Operator 1, (1) Utilities Supervisor, (1) Maintenance Operator, (4) Plant Operator 2, (2) Service Attendant 2, (2) Plant Operator 1, (4) Plant Operator 3, and (1) Plant Operator 4.

Duties and Responsibilities

  • Provide and deliver safe drinking potable water with an adequate supply and pressure.
  • Collect and analyze approximately 33,210 chemical and bacteriological water quality tests to assure a safe drinking water supply, as mandated by the TCEQ.
  • Provide customer assistance for utility related and other City department complaints, and refer the same to designated departments.
  • Maintain and repair all structures and equipment to ensure proper plant operations.
  • Maintain, trim, and landscape all grounds at the Downtown Water Plant, West Water Plant, Raw Reservoir, Water Pump Stations, Water Towers, and all other plant facilities.
  • Remove and clean out settled sludge from sedimentation and flocculator basins, twice a year.
  • Collect and forward samples for lead/copper, bacteriological, Cyrpto, Giardia, Unregulated Containments, THM's, HAA5, TOC's, SUVA, and other required parameter analysis done by the state lab.
  • Maintain color coding (painting) of all Water Plant piping, pumps, and other structures and equipment.
  • Monitor and record raw and treated water, electrical, and weather instrumentation for monthly operating reports to local, state, and federal agencies for continuation of a "Superior" state rating.
  • Assure that a Consumer Confidence Report (CCR) has been properly prepared and mailed out to all City of Edinburg water utility customers by July 1, of each calendar year, to all City of Edinburg water utility customers.
  • Continue Plant Optimization by setting maximum turbidity goals of 2.0 NTU's on settled water and 0.10 NTU's on individual filter water effluents as required by the TCEQ.

Goals & Objectives

  • Seek long term contract with the Water Districts, for the purchase of additional water rights and/or allotments as specified on the Water Master Plan.
  • Encourage all plant operators and staff to attend accredited water related courses, monthly association and personnel staff meetings, to improve their job performance, and maintain and/or upgrade their state certification status.
  • Comply with all EPA and TCEQ rules and regulations for public water systems, pertaining to operations, treatment, testing, reporting, and sludge disposal.
  • Operate and maintain the Water Treatment Plants so as to provide the proper treatment of raw water as required by the TCEQ in order to continue meriting a Superior Public Water Supply Rating.

General Information
The Downtown Water Treatment Plant is located at 500 E. Mahl and the West Water Treatment Plant is located at 1752 S. Mon Mack. Both plants operate 24 hours per day, 7 days a week, and 365 days a year. The City owns and operates both of its surface water treatment plants and distribution system.

The Downtown Plant’s rated capacity is 10 million gallons per day (MGD), has conventional sedimentation process with rapid sand filters. The West Water Treatment Plant’s rated capacity is 8 MGD, is a solids-contact process unit with flow demand filters. Both plants primary disinfectant is chlorine dioxide and use chlorine and ammonia to form chloramines as the distribution disinfectant. The current average daily water treatment is 11.68 MGD, with peaks reading as high as 15.0 MGD during peak demands.

The City’s primary source of raw water is the Rio Grande River. The City owns and operates a raw water reservoir located at 3420 W. Freddy Gonzalez, with a capacity to hold 210 million gallons (MG) or a 19 day supply. The City purchases raw water from Hidalgo County Irrigation District #1 (HCID #1) and Hidalgo County Irrigation District #2 (HCID #2).

It has a total of 7,981.32 acre feet, 5,390.00 acre feet are owned by HCID #1 for use by the City of Edinburg and the City owns 2,591.32 acre feet. The City also has emergency interconnects with North Alamo Water Supply Corporation (NAWSC) and the City of McAllen. These interconnections serve as means to purchase treated water from our neighboring water systems during emergency situations. The City’s Water Treatment and Distribution Systems have been recognized by TCEQ and have been rated as a “Superior Public Water Supply” system.

Source of Raw Water Rio Grande River
Raw Water Allotment 7,981.32 Acre Feet
Reservoir Location Freddy Gonzalez & Mon Mack
Raw Water Storage Capacity Reservoir 210 MG (Million Gallons)