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Municipal Court
Edinburg, TX. 78541
Phone: 956 - 289 - 7797
Fax: 956 - 289 - 1134

Municipal Court

The Constitution made up a system of government to be directed by laws and principals. One principle is known as the separation of powers. City governments are under the same separation of power plan where each branch operates independently. The legislative branch is the city council, which has the power to make laws (city ordinances). The executive branch, includes the city manager, administrative and operating departments, and the police department , enforces the laws. The judicial branch, is the municipal court, which interprets laws and adjudicates disputes under the laws. Judges set the fine amounts within the penalty clauses.

Minicipal Court Jurisdiction
This court has original jurisdiction over fine-only offenses and exclusive jurisdiction over charges that occur within the jurisdiction of the court. The Judge is also a magistrate of the State of Texas, which means he or she can set bonds on other offenses above a Class ā€œCā€ Misdemeanor.

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