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Human Resources Department
415 W. University Drive
Edinburg, TX. 78541
Phone: 956 - 388 - 1873
Fax: 956 - 292 - 2040

Human Resources Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

  • Does the City of Edinburg have a job application online?
    At the present time you are able to download and print off an application form to submit for any position. Applications are also available at the Human Resources Department at City Hall. The Human Resources Department is looking forward to offering the application form online in the future.
  • What are the hours of operation for the Human Resources Department?
    The Human Resources Department is open from 8:00 a.m. until 5:00 p.m. Monday through Friday, including lunch.
  • Where is the Human Resources Department so I can drop off my application?
    The Human Resources Department is located on the first floor of City Hall. Our address is 415 West University Drive, Edinburg, Texas 78540.
  • Why don’t I see the position that I am applying for?
    The Human Resources Department advertises job vacancies as they become available. If the position you are looking for is not being advertised, you may want to check back later.
  • I don’t have a HS diploma or GED. Can I still apply?
    You may apply. However if the position you are applying for requires a high school diploma or GED, you will not be eligible for hire.
  • Do I have to know how to use a computer to work for the City?
    It is helpful however not all positions require that you know how to use a computer. Please review the minimum job requirements on the position description to determine if computer skills will be required.
  • Is there a limit as to the number of positions that I can apply for?
    No, you may apply to as many positions as you wish. It is important that you review the minimum job requirements on each position to ensure that you qualify for the position that you are applying for. Please Note: A separate application is required for every position you wish to apply for.
  • How long is each job posted?
    Jobs are posted for a minimum of three days to include weekends. The closing dates are listed with each job posting. At times there may be vacancies that indicate “Open Until Filled.” These vacancies are generally more difficult to fill and will remain open until a viable candidate has been selected for the position.
  • Does the City require a pre-employment drug test?
    Yes. The City promotes a drug free work environment. All selected applicants for hire must submit to a pre-employment drug test as a condition of hire.
  • Does the City require a criminal background check?
    Yes. The City requires a criminal background check on all positions.
  • Will you be contacting my current employer if I apply?
    References are checked as part of the pre-employment process. However, if you do not want your current employer, please indicate on the application if you do or do not want your employer to be contacted.
  • Will I be notified if I am not selected for the position that I applied for?
    Due to the high volume of applications received, we are unable to contact each applicant individually.
  • How often are your job postings updated?
    Job listings are posted as they become available. Applicants can view the vacancies by logging onto the City of Edinburg web site at
  • How long will it take to review my application?
    The time that it takes to screen your application will be determined by a number of factors such as the vacancy closing date and the total number of applications received.
  • Can I apply directly with the department that has the opening or do I have to go through HR?
    No. All applications must be submitted through the Human Resources Department.
  • What if I miss the closing date? Is it too late to apply?
    Yes. Applications will not be accepted once the closing date has expired.
  • I have applied for a position with the City, but no one has ever contacted me for an interview. Why?
    The City often receives approximately 50-100 applicants per vacancy, sometimes even more. From this number approximately 3-5 applicants are selected for an interview based on their knowledge, skills, and abilities. Given the extensive screening involved, it often takes awhile to complete the process and call people in for interviews. In some instances, applicants will not be called in for an interview if it is determined that they are not one of the top applicants for the position.
  • Will an arrest or conviction prevent me from getting selected?
    Not necessarily. The City assesses each situation on a case by case basis. Factors such as age of the offense, type of offense and overall “risk” are evaluated to determine one’s eligibility for hire. An arrest or conviction may not disqualify you but a false statement or omission may.
  • Can I schedule an interview for a job?
    No, interviews are conducted by invitation only.
  • Can I submit my resume without submitting an application?
    Yes. However it is strongly recommended that you submit an online application as soon as possible to complete your application file. A completed application is required prior to hire.