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Municipal Court
Edinburg, TX. 78541
Phone: 956 - 388 - 289 - 7797
Fax: 956 - 289 - 1134

Municipal Court - Cases Filed

Class "C" misdemeanors are punishable by fine-only. “Fine-only” is defined as an offense that is punishable by fine and such sanctions, if any, as authorized by statute not consisting of confinement in jail or imprisonment.

Traffic Offenses
Moving and non-moving violations (EX. Speeding, Red Light, No Insurance, Expired License Plate, etc.

Penal Code Offenses
Public Intoxication, Disorderly Conduct, Assault, etc.

Citizen Complaints
Initiated by a citizen, generally, must be investigated by the police department to determine if an offense has occurred.

City Ordinances
Complaints filed by our city’s Code Enforcement Officers or other city officials (EX. Weedy Lots, Junked Vehicles, Dog Violations, etc.)